Client Testimonials

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The help that Vicky has offered me and my Dog has been absolutely outstanding. From initially contacting her and completing her assessment forms which covered a wide range of issues, I found her services fantastic. She (and her associate Ross) offered me advice and training that addresses issues not only with my dog but with myself, and the changes were visible almost immediately.The ongoing duty of care and contact that I received after our first session was great, with almost daily emails from Vicky asking about my progress.Overall the help that she offered has changed mine and my dog’s life for the better.

Jamie and Wookie the Akita


Vicky provides an insightful and invaluable service for dog behavoural problems.
A thorough indepth assessment is followed by an explanation of the problem and ways to enourage behavoural change.
Vicky then helps you to see the process through with further back up and advice.
Vicky takes the time to listen empathetically to the concerns and issues you have with your dog and helps you to achieve positive results.
Moira & Ky the German Shepherd


Vicky was recommended to me for the training of my Rottweiler x Mastiff pups, who are brother and sister.They are large dogs and I wanted to get the discipline correct and from someone who was knowledgeable about these types of breeds.The advice and training given from Vicky has been excellent, making life much easier. Obviously you need to do your homework to enforce the advice.If you come across concerns and difficulty advice and help is always on hand.We called Vicky back several years later as one of the dogs was starting to show signs of aggression to visitors. I knew that I could count on Vicky to be able to understand the problem and offer the appropriate advice.I would highly recommend Vicky, as I feel that she is very knowledgeable and cares about the training of dogs.

Katrina, Pepperstock.



Vicky Lawes has an understanding of dogs and their problems brilliantly and within an hour had my wife Debbie walking with 2 of her dogs and sitting near them with no reaction. Rosa is a very excitable and reactive German Shepherd but is doing well with all the methods Vicky has given to us. I would highly recommend her if your dog has behavioural issues.Thank you Vicky.

Chris and Debbie Doyle.



After a near miss with a lorry my Spaniel was completely traumatised and would shriek with fear anytime he saw a moving vehicle. After just one visit Vicky had calmed him and desensitised his fear. It was absolutely amazing.

She has since treated his poor recall problem, which had been such a worry, with great results.

Vivien & Harry the Spaniel   From Northall

Hi Vicky
Thank you so much for visit and great advice and help with Odin. What a difference, our walks are so much easier (how did I manage before). He sits when people approach, still tries to say hello occasionally but the gen con helps so much. He is so much better in every way. Thank you, thank you and again thank you. Still have lots of work to do but it makes it so much easier when one see’s what is wrong, think I just spoilt him and he knew how to push me.
Best wishes
Ann Marie & Odin   Eversholt, Bedforshire

Vicky was recommended to me when I had problems with my four year old Labrador, with her expertise after only three visits she soon had him back on track.

The training may be over but she continues to support me.

I thoroughly recommend Vicky’s skills and expertise to any one that has a problem dog.

Regards very satisfied
Margaret & Ralph
St Albans, Hertfordshire.

For those doggie lovers that know me, you will know that we have had a problem with Morsey, as he would not walk up or down the stairs where we live. TEN days ago, I rang LawesPaws as I was at my wits end.

Vicky came to see us – our angel in disguise I think. Within two hours TWO hours, she had him walking up and down the stairs! I cant even put into words what Vicky had done for us. Shes made me happy cos I can take Morsey out when I want now.

Vicky YOU ARE AMAZING……and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. XX

A friend of mine referred me to LawesPaws after I rehomed a rescue dog, Alfie, who unfortunately came to us with various behaviour issues.  I had taken Alfie to a local trainer who couldn’t help us.  I cannot thank Vicky enough for her time, advice and knowledge.

For me Alfie has been the most challenging out of all the dogs I’ve owned, but Vicky came in and immediately got to work and showed me and explained to me what to do.  Our sessions were a few hours long each time. Vicky came and visited us on 3 separate occasions. I’ve had frequent and productive email support too, even after Vicky stopped visiting us at home.

Since Vicky’s first session with us Alfie has made big improvements which are ongoing.  Yes, having a dog with behaviour problems is sometimes very disheartening and frustrating but when the right help comes along the light at the end of tunnel suddenly becomes that bit brighter.  The journey is a long one, but it’s so worth it when you and other people start to notice improvements, even if they’re little things.

Vicky – thank you! If it wasn’t for you Alfie would have been returned to the rescue centre.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vicky and Lawes Paws to anyone who needs help with their dog and it’s behaviour.

With best wishes,   Cheryl & Alfie .  Watford, Herts.

Dear Vicky,  Thank you so much for the help that you have given me with Cassie’s training. I was astounded at the transformation in her in such a short time after your visit last Saturday. I was quite sceptical about the training disks until you showed me them in action. It is amazing that they have such a powerful effect. The ‘evil door’ problem is gone and we are doing very well with the cyclists and skateboarders. I can actually walk through Ashridge without worrying about whether I am going encounter joggers and cyclists. Your session today has given me the confidence to feel that I will one day be able to go for a walk with her off the lead.

Once again I thank you for the help that you have given me.

Lorraine & Cassie.  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Hi Vicky.  Its Debbie from Totternhoe you came to see me and Kyla my German Shepard about a year ago regarding her anti social behaviour towards other dogs, she wasn’t nasty but walking her was so difficult and not enjoyable at all.  She was such a lovely girl in every other way but was not socialised as a pup before she came to us and you made me realise that what came across as aggression was in fact fear.

I followed all the advice you gave me including changing her food to a raw diet and she has flourished she is a pleasure to walk now we have just returned from the park where she has played happily, there were other dogs being walked and she takes no notice now and I felt I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am that I contacted you.

She is much happier and contented as am I, I hope you are well a very happy new year to you.

Thank you so much again.

Debbie & Kyla x    Tottenhoe, Beds

Hi Vicky,  We’ve found your visit and report a real help – thank you!

We feel like we understand what’s going on now and understand what we can do to sort the issues out so are feeling very positive. The training has been going well so far. The barking inside the house has stopped and Florie has started to automatically go to her bed when the doorbell rings. Outside of the house is coming more slowly, but she’s definitely getting much better.  She seems to be getting ’no’ now, as she barked yesterday and I didn’t have the discs to hand, so I said no and she stopped barking. We’ll phase out the discs in the next few days once I’m confident she’s got it. We hadn’t realised how attention seeking she actually is, and now that you’ve made us realise it its been a bit of a revelation! We’ve made a lot of changes here and she’s already getting the message.

She seems somewhat flummoxed by the changes, but isn’t unhappy/ scared, she seems to be enjoying having more structure/ rules and she’s always enjoyed learning new things so she’s enjoying using her brain to work out what we’re trying to get her to do.

Thanks again Vicky,


Oscar is a pleasure to walk after 3 weeks residential training with Vicky @ LawesPaws . A couple of runners remarked on how obedient he was as I casually put him in a down stay from a distance


Thank you so much for helping me on Thursday. I do feel a lot better now with Holly. I’m bonding with her a lot more now.  She’s doing great with her toilet training at night.  So I’m very pleased with that.

Thank you so much you were a great help to me.


Just a quick email to say thanks for today. Seen a difference in Hank already. Hes not attempting to get on the sofa half as much already and is sitting or laying by our feet instead.  When Daniel came home from work he didn’t bark which shocked Daniel. He also didn’t even bother to move or bark when he heard upstairs park their car and talking with the kitchen windows open.   Hes not scrapping to get at Jas eating her dinner at the table and whilst making it wasn’t jumping up the sides of the kitchen to try and get bits off the work top. Used the discs a few times and they worked really well.   He seems a lot more mellow and ‘in his place’. Daniel said if he doesn’t get any better than this that it’s brilliant and you’ve worked wonders. Looking forward to how far we can get with him now.



After sending this client a video clip of her dog aggressive dog ‘Dexter’ walking with other dogs, I received this:

I’ve just watched this and shed a little tear. I never thought I’d see Dexter playing and running with other dogs. Thank you so much for all you’re doing for Dexter. I know we have a way to go but it’s a huge improvement and its given me hope that we’ll be able to walk him peacefully one day!


Hi Vicky,

It was great seeing Tasha with your two today, they are absolutely gorgeous, a real credit to you and it was a massive step for Tash.  Tim didn’t believe me, he wants the photo evidence that I had 2 dogs sitting with her and Nyx.

I can’t thank you enough, just from your first quick coffee with advice chucked in, the change was amazing.  Unfortunately, due to your advice working so well and so quick you didn’t even get a chance to see Tasha at her worst so you won’t know the real difference that you have made.  Its your own fault for being so good.

I have a lot of work to do still but they are worth it and I won’t give up or let it slide either so am sure to bore you with our progress as we go.

Thank you so much.


Dear Vicky

Thank you so much for coming to see us today and providing such us with such a positive experience!  Although I wouldn’t say we were sceptical, we had questioned whether we should commit to spending money on something that we knew little about.  Having done so, we are now wondering why we left it so long!

I had expected to be given an ‘improvement strategy’ for Bo which we could implement to see behavioural changes over time; and I think I had expected the timeline to be a long one.  What we got was lots of really realistic and empathetic advice, two simple and practical tools ( the spray and the discs) and a 3 – 4 week training programme with an offer of ongoing support.  What amazed us was the instantaneous effect of both the spray and the discs in changing Bo’s behaviour in both her jumping up and in her reaction, when being walked on her lead, to other dogs.  I never thought that within an hour of meeting you Bo and I would be standing next to you and one of your dogs, with her standing quietly by my feet.

I know I must continue with the programme if we want Bo’s behaviour to change for the long term but I think we can do it.

I do particularly like the idea of getting a ‘I’m being trained’ lead for Bo which we can use when she’s wearing her muzzle.  I think it will change other people’s perception of why she is muzzled and perhaps make her socialising that much easier.  I also want to try the raw diet as I get distressed when she is very scratchy and would prefer not to have to keep giving her steroids – so we’ll be down to the shop soon.

Thank you for your comprehensive report and if you feel that there is anything in this email which can use as a testimonial on your website, please do so.  I am happy for my name to be used if required



‘The dog training offered by Vikki is always given in a calm and clear way; her advice on how to introduce a new puppy with an older dog was absolutely invaluable and made for two happy dogs (and two happy owners!)’.

Ruth. Totternhoe.

My puppy Biddy is nearly one year old and has turned into a very loveable obedient dog which is down to the training we had from Vicky. I would like to add, Vicky is brilliant at training dogs it’s just a shame she can’t do the same with husbands.

Regards,  Marilyn.

“I called Vicky because our Boxer dog Molly had become increasingly difficult to get back on the lead during walks. She had run away a couple of times and was returned to us. This was worrying and we had got to the stage where we could not let her off the lead at all, which was no fun for her or us!

I contacted Vicky by email and she quickly gave me a call. We arranged a session with her and were able to discuss our worries and experiences with Molly. Vicky listened to our concerns and developed a training plan to work on Molly’s recall. We stuck to the plan and within a few weeks Molly was returning to us 100% of the time! It was amazing and gave us so much pleasure.

We have been able to gain our trust back in Molly and we all enjoy our walks together again.

Vicky was professional, warm, knowledgeable and always got back to us promptly should we have any questions or problems.

Vicky has made such a difference to our family and we are forever grateful. I would not hesitate in recommending Vicky to anyone who needs help with their dog. I have already told my friends with dogs about LawesPaws!”


If anyone was born to work with dogs, it’s you!  Thank you so much for looking after Soba for me when I was so ill.  You really came to the rescue and the fact that my little Shih’Tzu integrated so well with your own dogs is a testimony to your knowledge and authority.  Soba loved his stay with you and is so confident around bigger dogs now – no wonder he’s always so excited to see you.  If I had any concerns about his behaviour, you would always be my first port of call.

Roz Heffer. Eaton Bray.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Vicky to anybody with a problem dog. When Vicky came around she listened to my issues with regards to recall before suggesting possible causes and then she suggested possible workable solutions. After only 1 hour with her, I noticed an immediate and positive response. I look forward to working with Vicky again with regards to any other issues that may arise in the future.  She is the trainer of trainers when it comes to dogs and most of all owners!

Theresa Ryan. Bucks.

Hi Vicky

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Rocky and how he is getting on.


Thats all I can say.  Its like having a different dog.  He is so good with the new all in one lead.  I also feel a lot more confident, thats all thanks to you.

He even has a new friend call Jack a black lab who is 6 years old and they are so good on their walks together.

Will keep you updated, but am hoping to pop into the shop soon to see you and show you his progress.

Once again, a huge huge thank you.  I feel like a proper dog owner now instead of one avoiding “peak doggie walking times”.

Take care