Puppy and Dog Training in Bedfordshire

We understand that dogs and puppies can often exhibit a number of behaviours that become challenging for pet owners – whether these are anxiety related, aggressive behaviours or caused by a lack of training as a puppy which has carried over into challenging behaviours as an adult dog. By offering dog training in Bedfordshire, we aim to help dog owners across the local area keep their sanity as well as their pet.

Simple Techniques to Serious Training: We Have You Covered

All dogs are different, and therefore their needs will vary depending on many different factors: breed, temperament, upbringing, social environment… these will all have an impact on your dog or puppy’s behaviours. We understand that every client who comes to us for dog training in Bedfordshire will be looking for something slightly different, and we’re happy to provide the diverse range of services that will suit every dog owner’s needs.

This means that we can deal with issues that often have relatively simple fixes – such as dogs pulling on their leads – to more complex issues such as Aggression. Our behaviour reformation skills allow us to work with even the most challenging dogs to allow them to become a happy part of your family. We’ll also teach you the skills that are so essential for maintaining the positive behaviours, ensuring that you can carry the behaviours we teach over into a long-term change.

We Want Your Relationship with Your Pet to be the Best It Can Be

We firmly believe that owning a pet should be an enriching and rewarding experience for you, your pet and every member of your family – and there’s no reason that it can’t be, so long as you are able to provide the right sort of behavioural intervention!

We definitely don’t like to see families parting with their beloved pets, so we will always look for any way in which we can help you provide a safer and more structured home for your dog, allowing you to live a happier life with them.

For more information about any of our services, you can get in touch today – just call 07765 287176 to talk to Vicky about all the different ways in which we can help you and your pet.

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