Pre-Puppy Ownership Advice
You may feel that you don’t need to know too much about raising a puppy before you get it and that providing you have a bed, food bowls and a few toys that you can research or find out the rest as you go along…. however, it is a proven fact that early preparation BEFORE you bring your new puppy home is invaluable – Vicky can give you all the help, advice and tips you need to start off your life, on the right track, with your new canine friend. To discuss how we can help you further with preparing for your new addition, please contact Vicky.

Pre-puppy consultation fees from £25.00

Puppy Training – Intial Care and Obedience Coaching

The new puppy consultation is probably the most important two hours an owner can spend on their dogs future.

There is absolutely no doubt that if you can start training, setting rules and boundaries for your new puppy from the moment it enters your home, you will significantly cut down the chances of your new canine friend developing those little behaviour quirks that can, all too quickly, turn into unwanted behavioural problems that you think will never happen to you – Vicky can guide you through those few early weeks getting your puppy on the right track making your experience of owning a new puppy the best it can be.

Puppy consultation fee from £95.00