Canine Behaviour Consultations

Changing your dogs unwanted behaviours….

Whether you are an experienced dog owner or a new owner it is not uncommon to find your dog has developed some unwanted behaviours, often to such an extent that you are no longer finding enjoyment walking your dog or inviting visitors into your home.

We deal with all Canine Behavioural problems, including aggression to people or dogs. Our clients are very important to us and we offer complete privacy and confidentiality. We believe that acknowledging a problem and seeking help for that problem is very commendable.  We are committed to obtaining results and giving proven advice that works.

Many unwanted behaviours cannot be prevented or amended with dog training classes alone and require specific training techniques or intervention from the dogs human companion.  In these cases a Behaviour Consultation is the best form of action to take.

What is a Behaviour Consultation and how does it work?

A Behaviour Consultation consists of a meeting with you and your dog in your own home.  During the meeting Vicky will talk through the issues with you and gather background information, after which your dog will be tested accordingly for the behaviours described, for Dog Aggression Vicky will supply dogs to test with.  

Vicky will then put together a training plan, which you will agree, to ensure it is practical for you and your dog.  You will then both work with your dog to put into place the advice given and to ensure that you are comfortable with the advice given before she leaves.

Is your Dog not listening to you?

Changing the way you communicate with your dog can help to solve behavioural problems and help to prevent problems occurring over time.

Vicky covers a whole range of behaviour reformation, here are just a few of the more common types she is asked to reform:

  • Lack of Recall
  • Pulling On The Lead
  • Aggression Towards Dogs or People
  • Excessive Barking, in the home or out
  • Food Scavenging
  • Car Sickness
  • Coprophagia (eating feces)
  • Hyper-sexual Behaviour
  • Phobias

Vicky has many years of experience in training dogs and is a fully qualified canine behaviour practitioner and master trainer.

If you believe that your dog suffers from one or more of these behaviour issues and you wish to book a consultation or discuss a specific problem that you feel may be useful from a consultation, please contact us via our contact page or email