Vicky has joined up with the London Dog Behaviour Company and the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training to deliver a hands-on, practical, two-day workshop for dogs and their owners.

Have you…

  • Had a new puppy during lock-down?
  • Been concerned about socialisation during the restrictions?
  • Been unable attended training classes?
  • Been at home with your puppy/dog for months and are now preparing to return to work?
  • Got a puppy/dog not coping with being left alone?
  • Got a dog that is barking at people wearing masks?
  • Experienced any other behavioural or training challenges?
  • A need to just brush up on some training skills and/or behavioural knowledge?

To register interest click link below, or email Vicky directly for more details:

A course tailored to you, to resolve behavioural and training issues.