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Vicky works with a number of highly skilled dog handlers, trainers and behaviour practitioners, here are just a few of the associates she works with.

Dogs Logic

Canine Behaviour & Training

London Dog Behaviour

Canine Behaviour & Training

Doggy Sleepover

Dog Walking, Boarding & Daycare

Vicky is passionate about dogs and as such is proud to recommend and share with you some of the superb organisations she deals with:

We are passionate about species appropriate feeding for physical health, psychological clarity and freedom from irritation as such We feed Benyfit Natural.
Organic Bone Broth for health. You can make your own, there are many recipes online. Alternatively, Gravyo is an excellent pre-prepared bone broth.
The Golden Paste Company
When bathing dogs, particularly those with skin irritations, we recommend Aromesse Products
Canine Health Concern is a useful resource for information on vaccination protocols, nutrition, flea treatments etc.
Dogs Naturally Magazine is another useful resource.
Keeping Dogs Cool in the heat.                                   
Comparison site for everything dog                                                                                
When working on resolving behavioural issues, we believe that a holistic approach to the whole dog is of benefit. When needing to make behavioural or psychological changes, the less environmental stressors the body is under the better. We are not veterinarians, but suggest that you do wider research into physical health. We know our clients love their dogs and want the very best for health, happiness and longevity.