Puppy Advice

Pre-Puppy Ownership Advice
Thinking about getting a puppy?
Have you found the right breeder?
What about the right breed?

It’s easy to use the internet to gain the advice and information you need to ensure you give your puppy the right start isn’t it? Or is it?

There is some super information on the internet, but equally there is some dreadful advice – will you know the difference?

It is a proven fact that early preparation BEFORE you bring your new puppy home is invaluable – Vicky can give you all the help, advice and tips you need to start off, on the right track, with your new canine companion.
To discuss how we can help you further with preparing for your new addition, please contact Vicky.

Puppy Training – Initial Care and Obedience Coaching

The new puppy consultation is probably the most important two hours an owner can spend on their dogs future.

There is absolutely no doubt that if you can start training, setting rules and boundaries for your new puppy from the moment it enters your home, you will significantly cut down the chances of your new canine companion developing those little behaviour quirks that can, all too quickly, turn into unwanted behavioural problems that you think will never happen to you – Vicky can guide you through those few early weeks getting your puppy on the right track making your experience of owning a new puppy the best it can be.

Useful Puppy Training

There are lots of commands that you can teach to your puppy, but you only need a few basic commands to help improve your puppy’s obedience and here are some of them:

Being able to train your puppy to sit is one of the easiest and most useful commands you can teach them. It makes for a great place to start, as the command is useful for calming the dog when they get overenthusiastic.

This command stops the puppy from going near things which could harm them and keeps them safe while on walks, on one of the most important and essential commands and should be trained from the minute you get your new puppy.

Instant Down
This is not the simplest command for your puppy to master at the start but with persistence it can be learnt and is an ideal command to stop your puppy getting into trouble when out and about.

Very useful command, ideal for allowing you to enjoy visits to the local cafe, pubs or even just chatting to friends, by ensuring your puppy is socially accepted and thus allowing you to do more with your puppy, thus enriching your puppy’s life.

The ‘leave’ command helps keep your puppy out of danger if they do wander towards something which could bring them harm. The aim of this training is to teach your puppy that there might be something even better as a reward if they leave the object where it is and come to you.
These are all basic techniques which your puppy can be easily taught, allowing your puppy to enjoy more outings with you and so enriching both your lives.

The more control you have over your dog, the more freedom it will have.